April 2021

Me Voy Pa’Cali
Genre: Mambo
Title : Me Voy Pa'Cali
Artist: Oscar D'Leon

Just a great mambo, and it’s easy to count!  Try it for parties and lessons, and always for practice! [BPM: 47]

Work Song
Genre: Swing
Title : Work Song
Artist: Ana Popovic

The blues and rock got together, and this is the result!  Hope this swing inspires you for practice & parties!  [BPM: 34]

Buddy Love
Genre: Cha Cha
Title : Buddy Love
Artist: Matt Bianco

An all-time classic that should absolutely be in your personal library!  You’ll never tire of this amazing cha, for practice, lessons and parties! [BPM:31]

I’ll Take Care of You
Genre: Viennese Waltz
Title : I'll Take Care of You
Artist: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

International tempo, but easily slowed down for American practice & lessons!  This is simply sublime!!! [BPM:58]

La Mariposa
Genre: Tango
Title : La Mariposa
Artist: The Empress Orchestra

A fabulous tango by the masters of dance music!  Getting ready for an important competition? Then you’ll want this for practice!!! [BPM: 32]

Ipponzakura (Vocalise Version)
Genre: Waltz
Title : Ipponzakura (Vocalise Version)
Artist: Toshiyuki Watanabe

Slow practice for control or just to take away the nerves from competition is a great strategy…and this slow waltz will be just the help you need for lessons & practice! [BPM:27]

It All Depends on You
Genre: Foxtrot
Title : It All Depends on You
Artist: Deborah Silver

Just the one foxtrot this month, so you know it’s special!  A modern arrangement of a song we’ve all danced to, but it never felt this good!!!!  Don’t miss it for practice, lessons and parties! [BPM:29]

The Art of Starting Over
Genre: Rumba
Title : The Art of Starting Over
Artist: Demi Lovato

It doesn’t get more brand new than this! What a great rumba, for parties, lessons and practice! [BPM: 30]

Genre: Samba
Title : Freedom
Artist: Justin Bieber & Beam

Another hot off the press release by a fave current artist, and it’s got all the ingredients of a great samba – bounce, tempo, and steam!  Pull this one out for practice & lessons! [BPM: 50]

Strangers in the Street
Genre: Rumba/Bolero
Title : Strangers in the Street
Artist: The Fratellis

A different type of song for Rumba or Bolero, but great rhythm drives this straight to the heart!  Hope you’ll enjoy it for lessons and practice! [BPM: 24]