February 2021

Already Gone
Genre: Viennese Waltz
Title : Already Gone
Artist: Matt Cusson

This starts as a beautiful, swinging Viennese – and then it opens up into a powerful torrent of song!  Enjoy the ride! [bpm: 58]

Genre: Tango
Title : Tango
Artist: Cirque du Soleil

No need to slow this one down for Smooth!  It’s perfect as is, and a beloved classic in the ballroom! [bpm: 30]

Vivre Et Mourir
Genre: Waltz
Title : Vivre Et Mourir
Artist: City of Prague Orchestra

A sweet & gentle waltz from a favorite composer…How have we missed this gem for years?  Don’t let another day go by without this in your library! [bpm: 30]

Please Don’t Tease
Genre: Foxtrot
Title : Please Don't Tease
Artist: Club des Belugas

Smooth as silk and with all the bounce of a great American Foxtrot!  Great vocals, amazing percussion and a tuba!  What else can you ask of a song? Give it a dance! [bpm: 30]

Genre: Foxtrot
Title : My Secret Flame
Artist: The Mavericks

Just the thing for a bit of Slow Foxtrot practice!  Easy to count, clear rhythm and beat, and lots of fun!!!  [bpm: 26]

Grossinger’s Cha Cha Cha
Genre: Cha Cha
Title : Grossinger's Cha Cha Cha
Artist: Tito Puente

A marvelous throw-back to the classic sounds of Cha Cha – it never grows old!  Try this beauty out for slow practice, lessons and parties! [bpm:29]

Walk On By
Genre: Rumba/Bolero
Title : Walk On By
Artist: Diana Krall

An amazing rendition of an amazing song by one of our fave vocalists!  Wowzer!  Fabulous at practice, parties and lessons! [bpm: 23]

Genre: Bachata
Title : Quédate
Artist: Debi Nova & Pedro Capó

Romantic (for Valentine’s Day? Bachata with your Love?) and soft, but with an unmistakable Bachata roll!  Easy and fun for parties and lessons! [bpm: 30]

Girl in the Red Dress
Genre: Rumba
Title : Girl in the Red Dress
Artist: Gregg Karukas

Cool jazz and rumba rhythms equal a marriage made in dance heaven!  Keep it cool on the dance floor! [bpm: 30]

Watch Your Back
Genre: Jive
Title : Watch Your Back
Artist: Isaac and The Soul Company

This will put some bounce in your step!  A not-to-be-missed new song that will become a classic, guaranteed!!!  Don’t miss it! [bpm: 41]