January 2021

Description of the playlist
Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)
Genre: Swing
Title : Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)
Artist: Helen Reddy

Swing (33) A fun nod to the 70s, this sing-along swing will keep you dancing at parties, lessons and practice!

Court of Love
Genre: Viennese Waltz
Title : Court of Love
Artist: Durand Jones & the Indications

Viennese Waltz (54) A touch of the 60’s brought into today!  Gorgeous swing and sway, with a rolling rhythm that should help you float through your lessons and practice!

Genre: Tango
Title : Sombra
Artist: Percy Faith

Tango (32) It just doesn’t get more classic than this perennial favorite!

I miei amori
Genre: Waltz
Title : I miei amori
Artist: Walter Giannarelli

Waltz (30) Perfect American tempo waltz, with a classic style. 

Genre: Samba
Title : Smile
Artist: Katy Perry

Samba (50) Have a little fun with this new spritely samba! 

I Only Want to be With You
Genre: Rumba/Bolero
Title : I Only Want to be With You
Artist: Emma Bunton ft. Will Young

Rumba/Bolero (23) Simple and sweet, this is a gentle song for Bolero or Int’l Rumba.  Which is it to you? 

Key Largo
Genre: Rumba
Title : Key Largo
Artist: Tony Lovello

American Rumba (31) You’d never guess from listening, but this is brand new!  If you love the sounds of classic latin rhythms, then this rumba is for you!!

Clef Club #1
Genre: Foxtrot
Title : Clef Club #1
Artist: Randy Newman

Foxtrot (30) A little quirky, and so much fun!!!  Don’t miss this amazing foxtrot for lessons and practice!

Caught a Touch of Your Love
Genre: Foxtrot
Title : Caught a Touch of Your Love
Artist: Cynthia Jones

Foxtrot (28) This is a great foxtrot, whether you want International or American (just speed it up a bit).  So smoooooooth!!!

Genre: Cha Cha
Title : Viva Florida
Artist: Gilles Doueib

Cha Cha (30) One of our all-time faves!!!  Poppy and ticky, and great for lessons, parties and practice!