March 2021

Lovin’ Machine
Genre: Jive
Title : Lovin' Machine
Artist: Wynonie Harris

The original arrangement of this classic Jive will keep you dancing all night! Don’t miss it for practice, lessons and parties!! [BPM: 41]

Sad Romance (violin version)
Genre: Waltz
Title : Sad Romance (violin version)
Artist: Ji Pyeong Kwon

A favorite at competitions, a new classic waltz that you shouldn’t miss! Slow practice and lessons, or speed it up just a hair for parties!! [BPM: 25/iTunes only]

Genre: Swing
Title : Fallin'
Artist: Why Don't We

Destined to be a classic, this swing has it all – strong beat, heavy bass line, and triple rhythm! Enjoy it for practice, lessons and parties!!! [BPM: 33]

The Night has a Thousand Eyes
Genre: Quickstep
Title : The Night has a Thousand Eyes
Artist: Bobby Vee

Fun, fun, fun!! This is just plain fun, and a great quickstep. Easy to count, great bounce – give it a whirl for lessons & parties! [BPM: 50]

Sin Ti
Genre: Rumba/Bolero
Title : Sin Ti
Artist: Luis Miguel

Perhaps the best version of another classic song, now a classic in its own right! Whether you use it for Bolero or International Rumba, it’s so easy to dance to! Try it for practice, lessons & parties! [BPM: 23]

Genre: Tango
Title : Tanguera
Artist: Zoe Tiganouria

International tempo, yet another classic that you shouldn’t miss having in your personal library! All the drama and none of the anguish! Perfect for lessons, parties & practice! [BPM: 32]

Genre: Foxtrot
Title : Fever
Artist: Ben E. King

It just never gets old, does it? My favorite version of this classic song! Amazing for practice, lessons & parties!!! [BPM: 30]

It’s Now or Never
Genre: Rumba
Title : It's Now or Never
Artist: Josh Groban

A brand new cover of an all-time classic! It’s a little romantic, a little cheesy and altogether fabulous! Great for parties & lessons! [BPM: 31]

Genre: Cha Cha
Title : Shotgun
Artist: Poncho Sanchez

Classic!!!! What a great song, great rhythm and great artist…a combination that you won’t beat for parties, lessons & practice!! [BPM: 31]

Genre: Viennese Waltz
Title : Satellite
Artist: Alex G

This haunting song will help you find the softer side of Viennese Waltz. Great for practice & lessons! [BPM: 54]