May 2021

Sing Sang Sung
Genre: Quickstep
Title : Sing Sang Sung
Artist: Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

Great Quickstep with all the stylings of Goodman, Miller & Basie!  I’m using this for the Pros for sure!  It’s great for all levels as well.  All the swells, the highs, the lows.  Great track for dancing – now go and enjoy it at lessons, parties & practice! [bpm: 51]

How You Like That
Genre: Paso Doble
Title : How You Like That
Artist: DJ Ice (original Blackpink)

Yes, your eyes do NOT deceive you…we found a Paso Doble that isn’t a Espana Cani!  Yay!  We don’t post a lot of Paso’s, but when we do, it’s a different arrangement, just in case you have the need to get some Paso on, but not to the same, damn song!  (Sorry, not sorry! LOL!).  Enjoy this one for a dance party or showcase! [bpm: 59]

Genre: Jive
Title : Carina
Artist: Genio & Pierrots

Hey Italiano!  A remake of an old classic that’s typically a Foxtrot…but they’ve amped it up a notch and now we’re at Jive!  You can also Lindy Hop as well, just as fun!!  Lessons & parties are a must for this one! [bpm: 43]

No Time to Die
Genre: Waltz
Title : No Time to Die
Artist: DJ Ice ft. Avery (original Billie Eilish - 007 Theme)

Sometimes when they remake a movie theme, it fails and it’s a little painful to hear.  However, once in a good while they get it right and it’s right for everyone. Works for BOTH!!  Enjoy this musical goodness, whether for parties, lessons or practice! [bpm:28]

Waltz for Ariah
Genre: Viennese Waltz
Title : Waltz for Ariah
Artist: DJ Ice (from Venus & Graves)

Simple, basic and perfect for all levels! The tempo is set for International V Waltz and set perfectly. All instrumental and full of great transitions…also a nice build to the end.  You’ll enjoy this one in practice, lessons or parties for sure!  [bpm: 59]

Genre: Tango
Title : Gremlins
Artist: Appart

All of the Tango basics are accounted for in this track.  An excellent use for beginners, although about 2 minutes into it, it goes south into Milonga…if that’s your thing, please continue!  Take advantage of those clear rhythms for practice and lessons! [bpm:32]

Genre: Samba
Title : Rainha
Artist: S. Del Godo & A. Serra ft. C. Sabbas

 You are DEF going to Rio on this one!  Authentic drums, vocals, beats and tempo! I’m using this on a professional level, plus the fun this will be for a social Samba as well!  Enjoy your trip!! [bpm:50]

Lo Mejor De Tu Vida
Genre: Rumba/Bolero
Title : Lo Mejor De Tu Vida
Artist: Los Tri-O

A quiet beginning leads to beautiful harmonies in this throwback to classic Rumba!  Whether you Rumba or Bolero to this is your choice, just DANCE! Parties, practice & lessons!! [bpm: 23]

Call Me
Title : Call Me
Artist: DJ Ice Remix KV (original Blondie)

At first, I wasn’t into this track.  However, like everything, TIME improves everything and so it goes for this Foxtrot!  It’s a hook on a popular 80’s era tune, but tastefully done and the swank of good, sassy Foxtrot!  Try it on for parties & practice! [bpm: 29]

Pa Que Caliente
Genre: Cha Cha
Title : Pa Que Caliente
Artist: Michael Stuart ft. Rafa Pabon

This is one of those “power” Cha Cha’s…I mean, there’s so much going on in this track.  The first sign of a good Cha Cha is when the artists actually say, “Cha Cha” in the lyrics!  That’s a dead give away right there!  Enjoy this Professional level Cha Cha for practice and lessons! [bpm: 31]